Pride & Joy Day 4: Star Booty

[Today’s donation was made to Black Aids Institute. Click here to see my Pride & Joy Project 2020 Daily Donations List.]

Borders and bridges sit between us and our desire, whether they’re to block or to connect, we must first go through them to get to what we want. And seeing them, knowing you’re starting, or half-way there, or at the final stage of your journey, is what makes it exciting.

Take that concept and apply it to sheer clothing. There’s sexiness in just ever so slightly showing your skin. You can almost see what’s underneath, but there’s still a barrier you need to go through.

Over a hundred years ago, the British fashion designer Lucille (Lady Duff-Gordon) pioneered the lingerie – a less restrictive undergarments that are also visually appealing. Nobody knows for certain when the male lingerie revolution began, but today, there are so many underwear brands specifically designed for men to feel and look sexy.

Not a lot of people have seen me wearing these star mesh briefs in real life (in fact, I think it’s only one person – you know who you are), but now you get to see it.

And for that, I say you’re welcome (or I’m sorry).

Photography by Yuska Lutfi Tuanakotta.