“RuAna Baker”

It’s general knowledge that RuPaul loves Diana Ross, and so do I. I first discovered Ross when I watched one my favorite movies, Land Before Time (SPOILER AHEAD: the scene when Little Foot SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER understands that he’s never going to see his SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER mother again traumatized me). Diana Ross’s “If We Hold On Together” is the end credit song and I remember my family waiting in the car for me to finish watching it. Until now, I don’t know if I love the movie because of that song or if I love the song because of the movie. Or maybe the combination of the two makes them perfect.

Then I saw The Wiz when I was twelve and cried my eyes out.

One of Ross’s iconic looks was her adaptation of Josephine Baker’s banana dance outfit, designed by the great Bob Mackie (who also designed many outfits for Cher, RuPaul, and Barbie). Ross put a Vegas-showgirl spin on the original costume it and I loved it even more.

It was so much fun working with putty to make the bananas and putting together the headdress and skirt

Date: February 21, 2015
Set design, banana headdress, and banana skirt by Yuska Lutfi Tuanakotta
Bodysuit by Barbie Jennifer Lopez
Shoes by Barbie

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