Pride & Joy Day 19: In Her Boots

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I’ve written about how I love the armor design of movie-version Wonder Woman. Even the tiara has a meaning. The armor has made its way into the Wonder Woman comics and other DC books, starting from the Rebirth era. In Justice League #35, Diana states that the armor she wears is a habit, aka a religious garment. Jenny Frison, who did Wonder Woman alternate comic covers for more than fifty runs, meticulously followed the Michael Wilkinson/Lindy Hemmings version of the armor. Frison’s fantastic Wonder Woman artworks remind me so much of Naoko Takeuchi’s Sailor Moon arts (only darker) and Jason Brooks’ fashion illustrations (with more complexity and dynamism).

One aspect I’m not crazy about the new habit is the boots. While I love the new armor-looking footwear with the practical and necessary knee and shin guards, I don’t understand wedges. I hate them because they’re so ugly. And running in heels can be dangerous and damaging to the body. Heck, wearing heels constantly will damage your body. Just ask Victoria Beckham.

But that didn’t stop me from purchasing these boots from Her Universe. I’ve worn stilettos before and suffered agonizing pain that later numbed my toes for a few days. Yet these Wonder Woman boots are so comfortable. I had to run back and forth from posing to scrolling through the photos in the camera & adjusting to posing again to adjusting the camera again, etc. I thought these boots would kill me but no. The original color was a bit muted (these are the Batman vs Superman version), so I touched them up using brighter red. I also changed the snap buttons because they didn’t work properly.

In the photos, I’m pairing my Wonder Woman boots with leggings from Mono B Clothing. As of this time of writing, I still work at Mono B as its Creative Head in Sales & Marketing. Part of my job is to come up with an item’s name and description. (I absolutely abhor using people’s names to designate a style. It’s just lazy and boring.) Some items are meh and uninspiring. But when I saw these leggings, I immediately knew I’d name it the Wonder Star. It became one of the best-selling pieces of that season.

Also, working at a fashion company means getting the samples even when the actual stock has been sold out. I’m 5’9″ and (right now) weigh 143 lbs. I wear Mono B women’s leggings size S. They’re squat-proof and the high waistband does keep everything in.

Photography by Yuska Lutfi Tuanakotta.