Pride & Joy Day 20: Starstruck

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Ah, the pentagram. I can’t remember when exactly I started being obsessed with this shape. You may have noticed I’m wearing something with stars on some of my posts, like here, here, and here. The logo of my new website also has a star while way back when, it was always a hand-drawn cat. I’m still cat-crazy, though.

I was born and raised in a Protestant family and was baptized in a Methodist church. When I was about sixteen, I found Wicca and for two years I practiced it. I gave offerings to the pantheon of my choosing and worshipped female, nonbinary, and queer deities instead of one male god. Wicca gave me the gift of poetry and confidence. It helped me break free from the restraints of Christianity, a patriarchal, nay, phallocentric religion. It taught me how to respect nature and not be ashamed of sex, desire, and sexuality.

In some cultures, the top point of the pentagram signifies the spirit while the four others represent earth, wind, fire, and water. The pentacle (pentagram in a circle) is the symbol of Wicca. I had a circular heavy glass that was about 12″ in diameter. I drew a pentagram on it using metallic markers and used it in my rituals.

Another reason is probably because there’re stars on Wonder Woman’s uniform, whether on the tiara or the skirt/pants. I grew up with Wonder Woman in the George Perez era comics and the Lynda Carter TV series. In the movie version, the tiara has an octagram (made of two four-pointed stars) instead of the classic pentagram, and no stars on the skirt.

Fun fact, octagrams are associated with Aphrodite, who created Themyscira, the sanctuary island of the Amazons, in some iterations. The movie version explains that Wonder Woman’s tiara was part of Diana’s aunt Antiope’s helmet. Queen Hippolyta gives the tiara to her daughter Diana after Antiope dies to protect her niece during the battle on the Themysciran beach. In the latest comic book series, sometimes the artist draw pentagrams on the skirt and the tiara.

But maybe the strongest reason why I love pentagrams is because of their association with fame and luxury. Sparkles (whether from gems or glitter) are usually star-shaped. I’m a Leo, and my sign is the sun, the brightest star in our solar system. As a Leo, no matter how much of an introvert I sometimes can be, I relish being the star/center of attention. I’m also ambitious (I reach for the stars – and a lot of times I’ve failed miserably) and I dream to one day travel the galaxy (thanks to Star Trek).

In this photo, I’m wearing my all-stars collection: cropped hoodie top and black leggings by Mono B Clothing, black Converse sneakers, and a red quilted, vegan nappa leather Stella Star camera bag by Stella McCartney.

Photography by Yuska Lutfi Tuanakotta.