Project Pride & Joy Donations List

The Covid-19 pandemic has affected millions. Lives were lost, unemployment numbers skyrocketed. Almost everyone in the world experienced some sort of a lockdown. Pride celebrations were canceled and or moved to the virtual realm. I work in the fashion industry, and although we’re bouncing back relatively faster than the entertainment business, the most marginalized of us are still bearing the brunt of the pandemic.

And so, I decided to start a personal project called Pride & Joy: Portraits of Fashion Choices that Make Me Look Gay as Fuck. The “joy” part is inspired by Marie Kondo, whom I don’t particularly care for because I’m a hoarder sentimental.

Every day for the month of June, I’m posting a photo(s) of a fashion piece or a look to this blog or to my Instagram (@curiouska).

June 2020 also sees the world (not just the US) standing, kneeling, marching, and protesting against the police brutality toward and racial injustice and persecution of people of color, especially black people. I decided I’m going to donate a little bit of my money to one organization every day. I hope to make a habit out of this and that it continues even after Pride month ends because as much as I want it to be resolved, the fight won’t end on June 30, 2020.

Here’s the chronological list of the organizations I’m donating to for June 2020. Since it’s Pride month, not only do these organizations advocate black movements but (and) also trans and gay/lesbian/bi rights. I’m trying to stay away from those I know that have been getting an influx of donations, but I know it’s not a perfect list.

Campaign Zero
Rainbow Push Coalition
People of Color Against AIDS Network
Black Aids Institute
Reclaim the Block
Committee to Protect Journalists
Center for Black Equity
Innocence Project
Emergency Release Fund
Movement for Black Lives
Black Girls Code
Equal Justice Initiative
Transgender District SF
Black Coalition of AIDS (website hasn’t been working for a while), so I’m also donating to Black Transmen
Marsha P. Johnson Institute
Color of Change
Black Visions Collective
The Okra Project
National Center for Transgender Equality
Snap for Freedom
Transwomen of Color Collective
House of GG
Black Trans Advocacy
The Loveland Foundation
National Black Justice Coalition
Black & Queer Intersectional Collective
Sylvia Rivera Law Project
Brave Space Alliance

Below are more links to even more organizations and websites:

For the GWORLS Party Link Tree
Black Lives & POC Organizations & Petitions Link Tree
115 Ways to Donate in Support of Black Lives and Communities of Color

Pride & Joy Day 1: The Flag (+ Project Statement)

Pride & Joy Day 2: Words on a Shirt

Pride & Joy Day 3: Fat Femme Asian

Pride & Joy Day 4: Star Booty

Pride & Joy Day 5: Wonder Woman Begins

Pride & Joy Day 6: The Romper

Pride & Joy Day 7: Bookish

Pride & Joy Day 8: Grey Sweatpants

Pride & Joy Day 9: We’re Here, We’re Queer

Pride & Joy Day 10: It’s a Drag

Pride & Joy Day 11: Flagging

Pride & Joy Day 12: Celebrating Femaleness

Pride & Joy Day 13: Pleather Pride

Pride & Joy Day 14: Batik

Pride & Joy Day 15: Glitter Shoes

Pride & Joy Day 16: Allies

Pride & Joy Day 17: Werk, Bitch

Pride & Joy Day 17: Itsy Bitsy Gold Bikini

Pride & Joy Day 19: In Her Boots

Pride & Joy Day 20: Starstruck

Pride & Joy Day 21: Glamping

Pride & Joy Day 22: Trifecta of Ugliness

Pride & Joy Day 23: Battle Cry

Pride & Joy Day 24: Pink Pride

Pride & Joy Day 25: My Assuit Brings All the Boys to the Yard

Pride & Joy Day 26: The Spin

Pride & Joy Day 27: Halloween 2017

Pride & Joy Day 28: Belly Dancer

Pride & Joy Day 29: Golden Gladiators

Pride & Joy Day 30: TL;DR Recap